On Tuesday 30th July, the Lansdowne Club opened its doors to reveal a sparkling preview of exhibitors set to be at The National Wedding Show later this year.

We saw a stunning collection of bridal fashion from Katya Katya Shehurina, Qiana Bridal and Hazaar of London, colourful bridesmaid dresses from Bridesmaids Boutique and groom attire courtesy of Moss Bros.

But, as you’ll anticipate, we’re going to leave the bridal fashion for now and focus on the décor and details we know and love!

National Wedding Show at Lansdowne Club Ballroom

wedding show

The preview actually presented a little problem for us in this way, as there was too much to like! Beautifully adorned tables with different wedding themes made up the centre of The Ballroom, all as equally entrancing as the next.

If you were ever stuck for which wedding theme to focus on, a preview like this would probably make you even more unsure and we’re about to put that to the test with this top 5!

These expertly composed themes were put together by a variety of talented companies, including some of the nation’s finest florists: Lavenders of London, Muscari Whites, Wildabout, Floral Symphonies, and Todich Floral Design.

Among those responsible for the stationary, table settings and chair design are With Love, Here Comes the Bride, Angels Creations and Designer Chair Covers.

So, now that you know the talented individuals behind them, all that remains is to take a look at each and decide which of the theme options best suits you!

The “Destination” Wedding Theme

destination wedding themes

More and more of us are looking at weddings abroad, due to the significantly cheaper rates for accommodation, catering and the fact that a destination wedding allows for the honeymoon to start a little earlier. If you’re a bride with a colourful, bubbly personality and love for the sunny shores abroad, the “Destination” theme will best suit you, regardless of your decision to marry at home or abroad.

Opt for bright and exotic flowers, tables named with different exotic locations you and your other half have visited together and ensure that sweet and zesty cocktails flow throughout the evening.

The “City Chic” Wedding Theme

city chic theme

For all you urban women out there, a “City Chic” theme is a sleek, modern option that will win you over. Featuring sparkling glass cut beading and glass stones, alongside elegant white orchids and mirrors, this theme has a hint of Art Deco attached to the prevalent theme of modernity that ran throughout.

This theme doesn’t shy away from elegant extravagance, so make sure you’ve got the power and confidence inspired by the city to carry it into your wedding! See how the theme was put together at the Lansdowne Club…

The “Vintage” Wedding Theme

vintage wedding theme

If you find yourself hunting through charity shops and country markets for precious pieces from the past, a “Vintage” Theme would work wonderfully for you.

Brightly coloured with eclectic items from decades gone by, the “Vintage” theme has a strong personality and isn’t short of “something old” or “something borrowed”.

With the classic rose running throughout the décor, this wedding theme is for real lovers of old world romance.

The “Traditional” Wedding Theme

For the brides of you out there who want everything to be “Traditional” with a capital T, this theme is the one for you. With delicate diamonte accents, pearl sheens, white roses and delicate bows, you’ll be honouring an accepted “Traditional” wedding design.

The “Pretty Pastels” Wedding Theme

pastel colored weddings

A huge spring / summer trend of this year and last across fashion and weddings, a “Pretty Pastels” theme is an option that is as contemporary as it is sweet.

Following the introduction of a sweet tooth, a theme like this is the perfect excuse to include a large and varied dessert table at your reception. So, if you’re a fan of macarons and sugared almonds, pick this theme to match your sweet, pastel palette.

But, wait! That’s not all! I know we promised a top 5, we have a sixth up our sleeve…

While the five showcased at The National Wedding preview definitely comprise the most popular wedding theme options for brides of today, we think Carousel Lights offered an enticing hint of a sixth option.

The “Carnival” Wedding Theme

carnival wedding theme

Introducing the wild card of this article, Carousel Lights evoke a fun, vintage “Carnival” feeling. Inspired by the helter skelters and waltzers of early 20th century carnivals, lights like these would inject serious amounts of personality and fun into an outdoor (or indoor!) wedding. Hire some carnival rides for guests to go on after your reception and your wedding will be the event of the year!

Acknowledging this is just a taster of things to come, we’re pretty much resigned to having our senses hi-jacked with the variety that will be on display at The National Wedding Show later this year. Will you be going? Which of these themes did you like the best?

All photography courtesy of Juliet Lemon.