Understanding the basics of how a diamond is evaluated is essentially the first step in the engagement ring buying process.

Cut refers to the make and shape of the diamond; shapes include round, princess, oval, or pear to name just a few.

Color is the amount of yellowness that can be seen in the diamond, and is rated on a letter scale from D (the highest color grade you can give a diamond) to Z.

Clarity considers the amount of inclusions in the diamond, while carat is the diamond’s weight, and probably the first diamond-related term that consumers are exposed to and understand.

how to buy a diamond

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, it makes sense to do research and read up on the 4Cs. One great learning tool to help you get started with your research is through the use of infographics.

Well made info-graphics can tell a great story, and one featured by a leading online jewelry website, Beyond4cs.com, is one of the best that I have come across.

My favorite aspect of Beyond4cs.com’s info-graphic is the illustration of diamond color; notice it actually shows you what a Z-color stone might look like. This info-graphic includes a few other color examples all the way to D.

You can really grasp why color is an import characteristic of a diamond.

Also it explains that the lesser the cut quality of a diamond, the less brilliant it will look due to an absence of reflected light; in other words, the more light it can reflect, the better it will look.

Pretty Little Weddings gets pitched with info-graphics from different vendors almost every day. So, I am very careful to choose the ones that I feel strongly about.

Beyond4cs.com’s Understanding the 4C’s of Diamonds is without a doubt a good one!