wedding invites

There are many ways to customize your wedding invitation so that it would suit your requirements perfectly. Choosing the motif and overall look of the wedding invitation is never the extent of your task if you want to personalize your wedding invitations. The following is a guide to customizing your wedding invitations.

Include a Respond Card

Couples usually include a respond card with their wedding invitations so those invited can let the engaged couple know if they will be attending the wedding or not. This respond card needs to be mailed back for accurate food and seating preparations. The respond card is usually stamped and placed inside a small mailing envelope with the couple’s address printed on the back.

Instead of inserting your respond card inside your invitation, you can send a seal-and-send invitation instead. This is a single piece of paper that is folded in half and has a detachable respond postcard attached. The address of the invited guest is written on the back flap and the return address is written at the back of the detachable respond card.

Include Directions

For the couples who have invited friends and relatives who may not be familiar with the site of the church and reception, another great idea is to place a map card inside the wedding invitation to help them locate the area.


Another great way to personalize a couple’s wedding invitation is to have lined inner envelopes which have the same color as the outer envelope or a contrasting color that’s still in keeping with the color motif. This can be had for an additional fee.

For the final touch, the couple can have their envelopes decorated using personalized labels. There are different styles and designs for these adhesive labels so the couple has a lot of choices. These customized labels can add uniqueness to the wedding invitation; it can also make it look more elegant.

Include a Return Address

One way to save valuable time in checking if the wedding invitations have been delivered without mishap is to use printed invitation envelope flaps. The couple’s address can be printed on the back of the envelope (specifically on the part where you will normally see a return address on a regular letter) so that those undelivered wedding invitations can be returned to the couple. This also has the added benefit of slyly letting the guests know where they can send their wedding gifts.

So put your own personal stamp on your wedding invitations. Include all the above mentioned elements and improvise so you can have truly elegant and customized wedding invitations.